Hi Guys, here’s all about ME!

Happy Holidays

Happy Days In France

Hi guys, I’m Eva and I am new to this website. I have loads to talk about after this post but lets get this one finished first! I live in Bristol, I have two siblings, one older brother named Joe, who has also got a website called jofishblog.info¬†and a younger sister named Gracie, she is like my dad, Andy, so we call her little Anj! My lovely mother Sarah is really kind and loving, so is my dad, this year I have had so many birthday parties, it’s like a never ending birthday! I have had so many parties because I have such lovely parents. I also have a black and white cat, called Tia, she is so cute, I also have a dog called Alfie who is adorable! I will be back soon for more posts. See ya!

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